Friday, December 09, 2005


Hello people,

Decided to ditch my old blogdrive account, and sign up here instead.
More custom friendly, better templates, better looks.



roswitha said...

Yay V! Great blog!

(Came to office on Saturday. I am loser.)

Lhau. xxx

angry fix said...

working on a saturday.
what a loser.

PS: so am i. :( but i am going to mumbai and you arent. so there.

Kausha said...

Umm. you could make better use of templates. i learnt some html and i like my blogdrive account and also have been thinking of switching to blogger but i'm afraid it'll be difficult for people to change their addresses and stuff.. let me know if you want some features added to your blogger account and i shall help

V. said...

yeah kaush
when i come to bangalore, you can teach me some of this HTML.
i will surviv on ctrl C ctrl V for now.