Sunday, December 18, 2005

may there be more bomb scares!

HT reports that Leaders of the Opposition in either House - L.K.Advani and Jaswant Singh, both stood their ground when the other leaders scurried to safer holes.

The reason apparently was that they weren’t formally informed about the bomb scare.

I am not quite sure what exactly that means. What did they expect? One of those monstrous reports painstaking compiled by an enterprising undersecretary? Or a letter drafted by the PMO and passed by both houses? In the first case, the report would’ve been carefully filed and archived and never read; and in the second, chances are they would’ve walked out anyway before the issue was brought up.

I think I have cracked the code to BJP's parliamentary gameplan.

  • Stay where other parliamentarians are not.
  • If anyone says anything, bring up tainted ministers or Volcker or some such thing

  • Run to the Parliament’s excellent canteen, where the samosas are still as tempting.

Perhaps there should be more frequent bomb scares. That way these guys might actually stay in the House pretending to have good old fashioned balls.

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