Thursday, January 19, 2006

an announcement and a denouncement

I am shifting to Mumbai!

Which reminds me, Happy New Year!

I spent New Year's with these drunk folks at Bangalore.
One of them has written about it.

I deny all accusations, and as I am sure most people remember, it was Kausha/ BFG/ The Real Fatty who was drunk and not me.

Shame Chandu! Don't you remember it was me helping you carry Kaush down the stairs?

Inaccurate as it may be, it's a great read.


Kaushik said...

you wouldn't want me to put up video clips of a certain drunk someone now would ya? i could do it. :D

V. said...


menon said...

oh come on kausha, what is this? the drinks must have gone to your head. dont you remember going down while drunk and saying hi to your relatives? or how about speaking german? the poor boy vivek had to put up with you abusing him while drunk. and how could you forget puking all over your sheets? thats how it happened, we all remember it. just like how we all remember the sun rising in the west every morning and chandu being courteous and nice to everyone whenever we meet him.

V. said...

menon, you bastard.
i ll be in mumbai by jan 30th or 31st.
see you soon.

D said...

hey vivek,
i am so excited i finally located ya.i ll give ya three cryptic clues to guess who i am :
1.I was ur junior
2.U were my saviour when i was in bombay 4 a month, three years back
3.I am the cutest fat thing you know from cochin.
please guess. i promise to reveal my identity the next time.
btw, glad to know u quit smoking bugger(if i can call ya that)

V. said...

i think your second and third hints kind of gave it away (although i dont know anything abou the cutest bit).

how are you?

Anonymous said...

hey V
i am doin gr8 man.made it to reuters,blr.catch ya sometime.wen ya comin to cochin next?do lemme know. Btw the third clue was to confuse ya(he he).