Thursday, June 22, 2006

eating my words

In my previous post on the Garima Godar incident, I had suggested that the Garima Godar may have been rejected on the basis of free-ship awarded to single girl children.

I lied.

The Delhi High Court had quashed that order on Jan 20th, 2006. Read about it here.

While this rules out free-ships for
girl children as a motivating cause, it brings to the fore other disturbing societal reasons. The very fact that the Principal of a respected institution can callously reject her for not being upto the standards of the school is worrisome.

This brings me to the pathetic state of our primary education. Most schools in rural areas are in a deplorable condition. And there seems to be a lack of will to look at reforms in primary and secondary education, particularly in rural India.

More on that soon. Hopefully, with the facts right!


oof ya! said...

they quashed that order??????? this completely kills the oppurtuninty of even girls without siblings to have the right to free education :(

V. said...

yes they did.
but i dont think that ruling would ve really done any good anyways.
something needs to be done.
the figures for women's education in rural india are plain scary.