Thursday, June 29, 2006

looking for an angry fix

When I named my blog angry fix, I rather hoped the association would be to Ginsberg's Howl.

I google for an image I could use for my blog, and this is the first result! (See for yourself.)

I wonder what they are trying to tell me!


roswitha said...

Politic, cautious, and meticulous;
Full of high sentence, but a bit obtuse;
At times, indeed, almost ridiculous—
Almost, at times, the Fool.

(cheap and obvious, i know. and sort of depressing. still, at least you like eliot...? * kisses *)

V. said...

i would ve owned up to being a big fan of eliot, if not my socialist aspirations.

so i shall say nothing.

oof ya! said...

oooooooooh so HANDSOME :P

V. said...

yes, that was a rather special ocassion!

menon said...

fug dude, you can make a case for advertising here. ever since you stopped advertising regarding your blog updates, i've stopped checking up on you.
this thing...called just...can't handle it...

V. said...

to all my readers (all 4 of them),

i have decided to end all discussions in public fora with menon with a standard call, plagiarised from an ancient greek:
'Menon Must Burn!'

i invite all of you to do the same.

menon said...

why why why why why?
i'm a nice man, i really am! i dont have an evil bone in my body. why all this acrimony?
like i said,
why why why why why?

V. said...

Hi menon,
How are you doing?

Ok, I forgive you!

PS: Menon must burn!

PPS: You didn't actually believe I'd forgive you, did you?