Thursday, June 15, 2006

shoestring theatre

I belong to a little theatre group called Shoestring Theatre, and we have just uploaded our blog.

The blog contains news about our current activities, and our next production of Endgame, and our take on Beckett's masterpiece.

An excerpt:
Shoestring hopes to recreate the daring formal experimentation in Beckett’s masterpiece. We hope to reinvent the play by expanding the scope for movement, visuals and music in the play. In addition to intricate movement that will explore a unique dimension of the play, we have also conceived an exciting scenic design that will vastly expand the scope of the play. The elements of humour, the slapstick comedy and clowning, always integral to Beckett’s work for the stage, play a significant part in our interpretation of Endgame.
Read the entire article here.


Sony Pony said...

sounds lovely. are u guys based in Bombay? any upcoming plays?

V. said...

Yes, we are based in Mumbai.
We are working Endgame and it will be staged in September.
For more details, read this article on our blog.