Wednesday, July 05, 2006

attention is finally paid to such a man

Just the other day I was thinking it was about time someone wrote a play about me, and what do you know, here it is!

The Waiters by The Dunce
Written in the style of Messrs Beckett and Ionesco, and featuring the inimitable Vivek Narayan!

Anyway, this also a good time to
preen over the fact that I must be one of the few living persons to have 2 plays written about them.

Here's the first: A Smutty Play.

Man, I feel like
such a protagonist!

* Walks off stage left to die a slow, horrible death.


The Dunce said...

Hahaha It IS a tribute!

imhunt said...

slow and horrible indeed

V. said...

the dunce,
of course!
any irony perceived is entirely unintended, i assure you.

you have no idea!