Tuesday, July 18, 2006

hindi chini bhai bhai

Nice image, that.

Well before we've caught up with China in economic terms, we've learnt their arbitrary internet cencorship techniques. Only our government is not efficient at what they are doing (thank god for small, very small mercies). I wrote earlier about ways to bypass the government's blocks.

I am amused at how suddenly the government has started taking bloggers seriously. It almost fills me with pride to be banned.

You know, till yesterday, I was just an unread blogger. But now, I'm an Undercover Reporter type. Still unread, but that's ok now that it's an underground activity. Everyone knows the worst thing that can happen to an underground figure is popularity.

I wish our PM blogged. I would've left this comment on his blog:
Dear Dr. Singh, you didn't think it was going to work, did you?

It was never going to work. Unless of course, my man, you are ready to go the whole hog and ban everything on the internet, except the odd inoffensive candyfloss site.
(Aside: Times of India, don't worry, you'll do ok. Maybe, he'll even make you The Only Legal Paper in India.)

But Dr. Singh, I don't understand how you okayed a half-baked measure like this is, it being the Age of the Geeks, and all.

But then, I forget a cardinal principle. Every government needs its own USP, it's own Uniquely Stupid Proposition. Is this going to be yours? I am disappointed.

What we can be sure of, is that this ban, be it temporary or long term, will achieve nothing. Even the resentment I felt when I realised the government was behind this blockade has faded now to much mirth and laughter. In fact, I hope there are more such quixotic attempts at internet censorship.

If nothing else, at least it'll be entertaining.


menon said...

and we all thought that Mr Singh was such a nice, level-headed man.
Ah well. we all thought that mess food was good too, once upon a time. perceptions change.

angry fix said...

some perceptions change.

PS: menon told me in private that he misses mess food.