Thursday, July 20, 2006

homing pigeons and other alternatives

BREAKING NEWS: angry fix has heard from reliable sources that birdsellers in Crawford Market are jubilant. Apparently, the demand for homing pigeons is skyrocketing.

A Crawford Market birdseller looking for pigeons he's not sold yet.

The more internet-savvy birdsellers claim to know the real reason behind the sudden surge, but they aren't telling.

When we contacted our friendly neighbourhood policeman, he said he believed the ban on blogs was the prime cause for the increase in demand for homing pigeons. He said terrorists, desperate to contact each other, and crippled by the ban on blocks, were forced to use homing pigeons. He said, not without a touch of pride, that terrorists, considerably cramped by the acute shortage of homing pigeons, have been thinking of using other alternatives (see below), but the other alternatives have been thinking otherwise.

'Maybe not!'

At the time of going to the press, the government was considering a ban on all winged creatures to cut off the terrorists' communication channels.

Watch this space for more exclusive coverage of developments.

Blogspot sites are back. Well, much to the chagrin of the birdsellers, maybe there will be a decrease in the demand for homing pigeons. Meanwhile, thank you, PK Blogs, for services rendered etc.

So, life returns to normal. Alas, we are no longer the Undercover Reporters I'd imagined we were. A good long unfettered surf will have to do, I suppose.

In an entirely unrelated incident, the sale of satellite phones has been steady and has seen neither fall nor rise in the wake of the homing pigeon crisis.

Pssst: An excellent post from Menon where he laments that the government has denied him his fundamentally fundamental right; the right to rebellion by not blocking Wordpress sites. Sorry, Menon, it's too late now.

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Ipshi said...

u shud name ur sources .... namely me :)

V. said...

All conversations may be used to feed this blog.

PS: Thanks, Ipshi.