Tuesday, July 18, 2006

how to bypass the government's blocks (updated)

I suppose by now, everyone has heard now about the government's decision to block blogs.
I know for sure all blogspot sites are blocked.

Here's how to bypass the government's blocks.

Thanks to
Pranav Gandhi.

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Shivam Vij has blogged about the issue.
Rediff News has also published an article by Shivam Vij.

India Uncut has more detailed information on how to bypass the weblock.

Neha Vishwanathan has covered the issue too.

So has Mridula, who was one of the first bloggers to react to the block.

Bloggers Against Censorship has some useful information on ISPs that have blocked blogs, and more importantly, on how to bypass the ban.

An open question, in the CNN-IBN style:
Are bloggers spooked or flattered by this ban?

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