Thursday, July 06, 2006

Imhunting for ideas

Imhunt has written about a project we discussed sometime back.

For those who came in late, Vivek has plans to start a website that hosts a large number of views on Current Affairs, Arts, Culture and the other things that people like talking about. You know stuff like, 'Did Mika actually squeeze Rakhi Sawant while he kissed her?'. The idea per se isn't new, then Google too didn't pioneer search engines, they bettered it. So its the treatment that is important. Does anyone have a contructive idea about how the whole 'new treatment' must happen?

The project is still, very fashionably, 'under discussion'.
(Read, I am sitting on my butt and doing very little about it.)

Please send in your ideas/ suggestions to Imhunt or to me.

PS: Restrict your suggestions to the broad idea, and NOT to whether Mika actually squeezed Rakhi Sawant. Thank you.


arjun said...

Hey bugger I shamelessly linked to your reservation post in order to avoid having to get into debates at tifr...hope you dont mind

angry fix said...

thanks for the link!