Tuesday, July 11, 2006

nothing really, just another blast

Another crisis in Mumbai.
At least the Shiv Sena manufactured crisis was comical.

I find I am insenstive to the idea of bombs and danger and death.
There is no shock anymore. There have been just too many, too often.

I remember being quite nervous when I last took the trains a month back.
A friend of mine routinely gets off mid-way because he is scared.

Shock has been replaced by paranoia.
A bustling city has become a paranoid city, at least for me.

Some news links just in case you haven't been able to find any.
Most of these links are via Google News India.

104 dead: Latest report from Reuters, filed at 20.34

60 dead: The Hindu

Explosions Hit Train Stations in India: Washington Post

Blasts kill 23 on Mumbai rail network: Bangkok Post

Will keep uploading as long as I am stuck at work.

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