Friday, August 18, 2006


This report about Indian TV crews aiding an immolation attempt can only be termed disgusting.

"We have seized footage clearly showing a group of journalists handing over matches and some inflammable substance -- which we later verified to be diesel -- to the victim," acting Gaya police chief P.K. Sinha told Reuters by telephone.

"We have prepared charges for abetment against the journalists. There were five to six of them who were conspirators in this suicide attempt which is a criminal offence," Sinha said, adding that arrests were expected shortly.

The TV crews left the scene without aiding Mishra who suffered burns to over 70 percent of his body, Sinha said.

(Link via India Uncut)

Words fail me.

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oof ya! said...


Raindrop said...

This need for sensationalism has gone too far. I hope those involved get put away for a VERY long time!

Nath said...

I used to wonder how long it would be till news organisations ran out of interesting news to report, and began creating their own. Now I wonder just how long they've been doing this.

In any case, I hope they get their 10 years apiece.

angry fix said...

I completely agree!
But it brings up serious issues when news media are packaged as yet another commodity.

Like in the whole Operation Chakravyuh thing. They ran promos for the show! Which proved that... hold your breath... that corruption exists! (Who would've thought that, now!)

Even the tendency by the Indian Express to write more about themselves than any other issue is as dangerous, in the long run.