Tuesday, August 08, 2006

this is a serious post

I still have some South Indian techie blood in me.

I'm convinced.

Image courtesy gapingvoid.

And I thought all that bad blood had drained out of me when I took Eng Lit, but.
The last two days, I've had fun customizing my template, adding buttons and installing BlogRolling. All you techies (South Indian and non-South Indian) who are thinking, "Shee, I knew how to do that three years back" may please keep your snorts and smirks to yourself. Kausha, I'm looking at you!

Anyway, as a result of my newfound southindianess with technology, I also decided to category tag my posts, an idea I stole from falstaff.

angry fix has been archived category-wise here, and all future posts will carry category tags. There are also permanent links to the categories in the sidebar. Scroll down for best results.

And while I'm at it, I might as well tell you that DesiPundit linked to my post on the Broadcast Bill.

Now I never said this wasn't going to be a self-indulgent post.

Oh, and before I forget: I love buttons.

Forgot to mention who gave me the del.icio.us tip: enabler of my internetz experience, pretender to a medieval literary throne (albeit in a nunnery) and ardent student of d
iscipulus anglicus. Thank you!

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roswitha said...

You didn't link to me. I hate you forever.

Kausha said...

such a self indulgent fat bastard you are vivian.

angry fix said...

oh roswitha,
i have rectified my grave error!
beg pardon.

oh the rest of the world (and kausha),
if i write topical posts: im a litfart.
if i write a nice post about my blogging experience: im a self indulgent fat bastard.

damned if you do, damned if you dont, i guess.

roswitha said...

That's more like it, darling. * coos *