Monday, February 12, 2007

swar thounaojam, author of turel, harassed

Swar Thounaojam is a playwright from Manipur, currently based in Bangalore.

Her excellent play, Turel, was part of Writers' Bloc 2.

The last few days, she has been facing harassment in Bangalore.
She has filed a case and she and her husband, Amit, are fighting the case.

Amit has regular updates on his blog.
On 5th Feb, the Cauvery verdict was announced. A local KMF retailer in my neighbourhood overcharges each time there is a hint of trouble in the city. At 8:30 in the evening, my wife went to buy milk from this chap. As usual he was demanding more money than the MRP. She brought to his notice that overcharging is illegal under the Packaged Commodities Rules (PCR), which state that any trader charging more than the MRP mentioned on the package can be prosecuted. Upon hearing this, he turned extremely abusive and verbally assaulted her. He insulted her, threatened her with physical and sexual harm and physically intimidated her. A crowd gathered but nary a person came to her rescue and to restrain the milkman.

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vijay said...

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