Sunday, February 03, 2008

ah, let's get it over with

The title refers to the blank blogger page I've been staring at for a few minutes now. A look at my blog tells me the last post is close to a year old.

Time to start all over again, I suppose. This is mostly a test blog, mainly to get myself blogging again.

Some updates:
  1. I've started a new blog called Swung Notes: On Three Chords which is mostly going to be about music, film, and maybe even theatre.

  2. This blog will continue to be about my many disgruntled rantings.

  3. Some posts that suit both descriptions will be cross-posted.

  4. The comments section on both blogs is now moderated. This rather cumbersome measure is in light of the highly entertaining flaming I was treated to a year back. It was good while it lasted, thank you, and I was quite glad a la Philip Pullman, to have brought some excitement to what must be very boring lives.

  5. So until I start updating either Swung Notes, or angry fix, hold on.

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